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Tambopata Travel E.I.R.L.
Urb. Versalles L-5, San Jerónimo, Cusco, Perú
Cel.: (+51) 984731895

Feel free to email me on mike@tambopatatravel.com
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Tambopata Province is located in south-eastern Peru in the Department of Madre de Dios, officially named the Biodiversity Capital of Peru. Puerto Maldonado, capital of the Tambopata Province, is located at the confluence of the Tambopata & Madre de Dios Rivers and provides a gateway to the incredible Tambopata rainforest.

Regular commercial flights available year-round from Cusco (30min) or Lima (1hr30m) make getting to Tambopata very easy. As you fly over the Andes and down into the lush tropical rainforest meandering rivers and a sea of green become visible heightening your sense of adventure. You walk off the aircraft into the warm, humid, tropical air and you are in another world eager for discovery – the rainforest awaits.

All of our rainforest experiences start and end at the Puerto Maldonado airport.