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Service Details

Boat Transportation: Our boats are 20-foot long, roofed canoes. Outboard boat engines are 75hp 4 stroke, eco-friendly, low emission motors. They have scheduled arrivals and departures from each port. These schedules are programmed daily so that they link up with airport arrivals and departures based on the flights we recommend for you during your booking process. As stated on the itineraries, using flights other than those we recommend incurs extra costs for private transfers. If you would like to book private boat transportation please let us know.

Guests are protected from the sun and rain by the roof but we suggest keeping your rain gear and sun block handy in case the sun's rays or raindrops come in at an angle. There are life vests with every seat.

Land Transportation: Two twenty-seat buses operate the daily scheduled routes to and from the port, synchronized with our boats and airport arrivals and departures. If additional routes are required because of airplane delays or private schedules, we rent station wagons or buses, depending on group size. If you would like to book private land transportation please let us know.

Deco Frog

The Lodges:
Please read these factsheets for details on each lodge.
Posada Amazonas Factsheet (PDF doc)
Refugio Amazonas Factsheet (PDF doc)
Tambopata Research Center Factsheet (PDF doc)

Please read these documents for details on the conservation impacts of each lodge.
Posada Amazonas Conservation Impact (PDF doc)
Refugio Amazonas Conservation Impact (PDF doc)
Tambopata Research Center Conservation Impact (PDF doc)

All our lodges now offer room upgrades to larger & more luxurious options. The standard level is called ‘’Superior’’, with the next level up being ‘’Comfort’’. Suites are also available. Deluxe Suites are now offered at the Tambopata Research Center which feature private decks with plunge pool. All rooms at the Tambopata Research Center now feature private bathrooms.

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