Tambopata Travel

Welcome back to nature

Tambopata Travel, working with the best local service providers in one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet – Tambopata, Peru.

Escape to the Peruvian Amazon with us and enjoy an authentic & enriching travel experience in the tropical rainforest whilst contributing towards its long-term conservation and the wellbeing of local communities.

We offer carefully selected itineraries based around comfortable award-winning eco-lodges established on the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism, ensuring that your visit is not only memorable, but that it supports local economies, conserves resources and minimises negative impacts.

You can expect to enjoy wonderful river journeys, be awed by the majestic Amazon rainforest, float on tranquil lakes, stand on top of canopy-high towers, observe incredible wildlife, take part in interesting activities, view amazing panoramas and engage with local people and their traditions,
all fully guided.

Join us for the Rainforest Experience of a Lifetime and make your senses come alive!