Tambopata Travel


Born in Cape Town, South Africa and fascinated by nature from a very early age, I went on to complete my Masters degree in environmental & geographical science (sustainable development and agroforestry) at the University of Cape Town in 1994. My dream of going to the Amazon finally came true in 1997 when I joined a conservation project in Tambopata for six months as a paying volunteer researcher, photographer and mammal research coordinator. The rainforest bug had bitten in more ways than one and I could not wait to go back for further discovery.

After returning to Cape Town I worked as a resident ecotour guide specialising in the local ‘fynbos’ flora and fauna as well as shore-based whale watching about 160km from Cape Town at Grootbos Nature Reserve. But my heart was being pulled back to Peru and in the year 2000 I finally managed to go back and this time meet my wife-to-be after we had been in contact by email for almost three years. We now live in Cusco, her home town, and on 24 April 2010 became the proud parents of a wonderful little girl. I still endeavour to visit Tambopata, less than an hour’s flight away, as often as possible, be it as a photographer or researcher.

An internationally published photographer working with Gallo Images (a Getty Images partner) and independently, I find endless inspiration in both Peru and South Africa.

The Tambopata rainforest has so much to discover that every visit brings with it new experiences and reinforces my determination to share its wonders with as many people as possible, either indirectly through my photography, or directly by endorsing responsible travel to the region. In this way I try to contribute towards a greater understanding of the rainforest’s incredible diversity and importance while promoting its conservation.

Join me on this quest…

Mike Langford
Owner-Manager, Tambopata Travel E.I.R.L.